Advanced Concepts from Garry's Sketchbook

Sailing quite correctly places high value on tradition, but new advances require the fuel of fresh thinking.  And new materials are constantly opening up new design possibilities.  In this “Advanced Concepts” page I will endeavor to explore some new channels that I see.  For example, harnessing for sailing the proven efficiency of wing construction is a challenge that particularly intrigues me as an ex-pilot.  My proposed “2 Tier Wingsail” is a new slant on that.


My hope of course is to gain the interest and commitment of a responsible builder who can convert a promising design concept into a practical product.  This can be a delicate area, because disclosing a concept runs the risk of losing it to unscrupulous imitators.  However, I choose to hew to the sunnier side of doubt and trust for the best.  So if this concept is of interest, please contact me.


Garry Hoyt