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GARRY HOYT Writes A New Book

This is a succinct philosophical summary of what I think about our country and what distinquishes the Free Enterprise system that propels it forward. My thesis is that you cannot effectively multiply wealth when your driving force is a desire to better divide wealth, and we must constantly guard the American principles that separate us from those who would lead us down the garden path to European socialism.


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Other books by Garry Hoyt include:

Go For The Gold - 1971

This book was conceived in audacity and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created beatable.  It is an attempt to jostle you into the realization that winning, or placing better, is as much as anything, a state of mind, an attitude.  The author’s aim is to home in on those areas where just a small adjustment will yield big yards, and places at the finish.  You will likely find more straight talk in this book than in any other sailing book you have read. 

Ready About - 1986

In this book, author Hoyt examines the symptoms and causes of the current stagnation in the sailing world.  He questions yachting’s inbred conservatism and the accompanying tendency to view innovation as the enemy of tradition.  He proposes new courses of action and radical design solutions for renewed growth in sailing. 

Isla Verde - 2001

Set in the 1960’s this adventure novel traces the story of a divorced American marine, and a Puerto Rican woman of unusual beauty.  The plot delves incisively into the complex world of Puerto Rican politics, providing rare insights into the emotional ambivalence Puerto Ricans feel over their citizenship relationship with the United States.  The reader will come away with the pleasure of a rousing adventure story, plus a new understanding of the simmering nationalism and divided loyalties in this little understood part of America. 

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Go For The Green - 2009

Recognizing the need for more environmental awareness on the water, this book provides a menu of new ideas to re-energize sailing and solar electric power as new solutions. Author Hoyt offers historical perspective and an experienced boat designer's viewpoint along with his signature candor, all illustrated by graphic explanatory sketches.


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 Comments on Go For The Green by Nathaniel Philbrick, The New York Times best selling author of In The Heart Of The SeaSea Of Glory and Mayflower:

"In the 70's I, like many competitive sailors of my generation, inhaled Go For The Gold.  Hoyt has done it again.  With Go For The Green, he delivers a fascinating and provocative critique of the sport we love.  The times have changed but not, thankfully, Garry Hoyt's ability to see into the essence of things with flair and originality."

Nat Philbrick