Frequently Asked Questions

Hoyt Offset Rig

1. Is the Patented Hoyt Offset Rig (HOR) suitable for retro fitting existing rigs?

The HOR will work on any sailboat hull, but care must be taken to position the mast, boom and gaff so that the sail's CE (center of effort) is correctly related to the CLR(center of lateral resistance).  Also, the free standing mast of the HOR requires extra strengthening at the deck partners and mast step.  For all these reasons, I am reluctant to encourage amateur installation at this stage because improper installation could penalize the concept.  Therefore, I prefer to initially concentrate on new construction with the involvement of professional builders and designers.

2. What is the best potential for the HOR?

Since I believe the HOR will prove to be swifter, safer and simpler than conventional rigs, there is potential for use by racers, cruisers and day sailers.  The only issue is finding boat builders and mast builders with enough imagination to see the possibilities and bring out boats with the HOR.

3. What are the differences between the HOR and the Junk Rig?

First and foremost, the HOR will be significantly faster and more manageable.  The extended gooseneck of the HOR places the sail well away from the mast, allowing free air flow so there is no "bad tack" as is the case with the Junk Rig.  Gaining adjustable luff tension to windward is another specific advantage of the HOR, along with automatic self vanging.  And the optional rotating wind sleeve around the free standing mast provides a significant reduction in windage drag.  So, while there is a visual similarity, the HOR is more modern in appearance and more efficient in operation.