Balanced Hoyt Jib Boom Data Sheet
(U.S. Patent 7,565,875,B2) 


Advantages of the Patented Balanced Hoyt Jib Boom

The principal advantage of the Patented Hoyt Jib Boom (HJB - now in use on over 1000 yachts) is that it does for the jib what the boom vang does for the main - namely maintains leech tension as the jib is eased out offwind.  So instead of having the jib just twist off and lose power, the HJB keeps full power on for reaching and running. In this new refinement, the HJB extends forward, as well as aft of the pivot point, thus in effect becoming a kind of spinnaker pole as well as a jib boom, since it allows a larger jib, and enables that larger jib to project out to windward as the jib sheet is eased for offwind trim.  So instead of having to go forward to set a whisker pole or spinnaker pole (which is difficult if not impossible for a single-handed skipper) the HJB allows a seated skipper to gain windward projection of a larger jib - just by easing the jib boom sheet line.  This results in the fullest projection of jib area, which is necessary for downwind speed, with the further advantage of reducing the increased weather helm that normally accompanies easing the main sheet.


Evolution of the Patented Hoyt Jib Boom

The following illustration shows how the HJB delivers significant performance improvement over traditional jibs.  The new, balanced HJB continues this trend by increasing downwind performance and reducing weather helm. The parallel here is the same benefit for the jib that a balanced rudder offers for steering.